The Story Of Thieves

thieves oilPeople often wonder how this essential oil blend got the unusual name of “Thieves.” The name makes a lot of sense when you know the story…

The story behind Thieves reaches far back into history. But first, it’s important to understand that the use of essential oils and aromatics goes far back into antiquity… back to the days of the middle ages and trading over the Silk Road.

How Did Thieves Get Its Name?

Black Plague victims

You see, during the 15th-century, the dreaded black plague was killing citizens of all rank and file in England. The field of medicine stood helpless – they had no cure and no prevention. All people could do was stay as far away from plague victims as they could.

Yet, somehow a fearless band of thieves ran rampant, handling and robbing plague victims and their graves of all their jewelry and valuables. Unbelievably, the thieves never caught the highly contagious disease themselves.

This was unheard of. How did they do it? What protected them?

One day, as fate would have it, the brazen thieves were caught. They faced harsh sentences for their crimes.

But… the public demanded to know their secret. If they were hung, no one would ever know!

The public’s insistence lead the judge to strike a deal with the thieves. Would they reveal the secret that protected them from the plague in exchange for a lighter sentence?

The thieves took the deal.


It turns out that these were no ordinary thieves. They were spice traders and perfumers who often traveled the Silk Road. Their knowledge of essential oils and spices taught them the exact oils to apply onto their bodies to protect themselves from the plague.

Luckily, their recipe was recorded in the court records. But finding court records from the 15th century was not an easy task. After an exhaustive search by D. Gary Young of Young Living Essential Oils, they were unearthed and the contents revealed to modern times.

Young Living’s Thieves® essential oil blend was based on this long-lost recipe and named in honor of the thieves that first used it. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. Further tests at various institutions around the world are discovering that the oils in Thieves are highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.*

Thieves oilAnd although other companies have sprung up trying to imitate Thieves®, none can use the exact recipe and none consistently use as amazingly high quality 100 percent therapeutic-grade oils as are found in Thieves®.

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